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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to buy foreclosed houses, renovate them and make money, then you’ve found the right place. We are an active real estate investment company in Central Ohio. On this page as well as our youtube  channel and instagram, we hope to share a side of investments that is rarely seen, with all the gory …

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Hey! In order to get better in touch with watchers/users, I’ve started my own discord where we can talk about business, investing and more. Here’s the link : Join My Discord Server Here!

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Here is the list of livestreams, starting with the oldest, all the way to the newest!

My interview with Graham Stephan

I’ve been appearing on a few Finance/Real Estate shows, and I decided to post them all in one place. Interview with Graham Stephan

Even in a hot Market there are still smoking hot deals

My buddy called me and asked me if I wanted the house right next to one of my more notorious rentals. It’s one door away from the house of the people threatened to kill me on.   It is now two months later from that incide  and the neighborhood for the most part is looking a heck of a lot …

Sept 25th – Why I carry a gun

This afternoon I got a call from a Community Action Agency but I deal with quite regularly in town.   They were requesting information on whether I had sold one of my apartment complex  because  a tenant of mine and a client of theirs called and said that somebody showed up, cussed out their client, and told him that they …