Even in a hot Market there are still smoking hot deals

My buddy called me and asked me if I wanted the house right next to one of my more notorious rentals. It’s one door away from the house of the people threatened to kill me on.


It is now two months later from that incide  and the neighborhood for the most part is looking a heck of a lot better. The drug dealers have moved out and the street is clearing up. One of the properties that had an eviction right around the same time as my drug dealer issue, the people have decided to finally sell it and my buddy called me asking if I would be interested in purchasing it, having known the story of me being threatened.

When my guys were out there doing the initial security and clean up on the property they said that I should try and call the owner to see if she would sell as it looked pretty nice on the outside. Nothing spectacular, a little to bed 1 bath shotgun style house similar to the one I purchased on Christmas Eve 2014 for $12,500. On that specific deal I had to put about 15000 in it to get it up and running.


This o  on the other hand  off the bat is $15,000 and needs very little work  to get it ready. In fact if I wanted to be a little more of a slumlord I probably could rent it out as is. But as far as I’m really concerned I can put in a couple sheets of carpet and some vinyl and call it a day. Maybe $1,000 at best and I can easily get $500 a month out of it if I want to cut somebody a deal.

Here are the pictures of it and pretty much what you see is what you get its filthy and needs paint a carpet at worst the Plumbing’s new the electrics relatively new and those are two of my big concerns when looking at a place.