The Gym Startup

Let’s start a gym!

(Did you notice how I said WE, and not ME?)

My friend Eddie has dreamed for quite some time about starting his own gym to help people get fit, but beyond that, Eddie is also pretty big on business startups and making money (Everyone loves money, right?)

So, as a part of this Gym Startup series, we want YOU to be a part of the gym startup along with us. Now, I know what you’re thinking “But I don’t live in Ohio!” and that’s perfectly fine because I realize not everyone is blessed to live here. So, I’m creating a livestream called “Wealth, Wellness & Work” livestream with my good friend Eddie, to both provide a inside look at starting a gym from scratch, while also addressing personal wellness and building long-term wealth.

What’s going to be so cool about the gym startup is that YOU get to be a part of it, just by participating in the Wealth, Wellness & Work livestreams.

We’ll be rolling out a pretty cool “Beta Test” for the project this month, HOWEVER we don’t want to be confined only to Youtube’s Algo blessings to get people informed so we’ve got 3 ways for you to join the beta test.

#1 Email Notification
#2 Text Notification
#3 A Special Discord chat

If you’re the kind of person that prefers Email or text, use the form below to sign up. Please note that the notifications are ONLY for this livestream project and won’t be used for any further solicitations & contacts.

If you use discord, join here :