Here’s my 48th rental!

Here’s my 48th rental!

So, if you’ve wanted to see what one of my post-rehab , sub $30k houses here in Central Ohio looks like inside, here it is!

3br, 1.5 bath, partial basement, 1100 square feet built in the early 50s. Not terrible shape when I bought it, did some cleaning up, counter tops and whatnot and it’s done!

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Brandon’s guide to real estate rentals

This will be the center “hub” of all the forthcoming posts I will be writing about rental real estate and investment.

The primary questions that come in about rentals tend to be the following, in terms of where they fall in buying and dealing with rentals.

  • Prospecting (Finding deals)
  • Qualification (Determining whether it should be bought)
  • Financing the deal
  • Rehabbing (Valuing repairs, locating good contractors)
  • Applicants
  • Marketing the rental

Feb 10th livestream on rentals #48 and #49

Here’s a livestream from Feb 10th of our 48th and 49th properties!

I found someone living in my office

Kept smelling coffee and couldn’t figure out what it was. ¬†Opened up a door next to my storage unit and there was a guy sitting on a couch watching Netflix.

(#15) – Best neighborhood yet!

(#15) – Best neighborhood yet!

A stone’s throw away from a few $200k+ homes, overlooking the entire city as long as trees aren’t full of leaves.

Purchase – $21,000
Renovations – <$16,500
Income/yr – $9,000
Insurance – $750/yr
Taxes – $1250/yr
R&M Escrow – $1000/yr

NOI – $6000/yr or 16.4%
ARV – $65,000-$75,000

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