Sept 25th – Why I carry a gun

This afternoon I got a call from a Community Action Agency but I deal with quite regularly in town.


They were requesting information on whether I had sold one of my apartment complex  because  a tenant of mine and a client of theirs called and said that somebody showed up, cussed out their client, and told him that they were the new landlord  of the building.


I told them that this definitely was not true and that I would investigate it. So I visited my apartment complex and talk to a man who’s generally been very reliable and honest with me. Not only did he tell me that this was true but then he identified the man that threatened him as one of my tenants that I’ve been having problems with. So in short one of my tenants claim to buy the property off me and threaten this guy. To make matters worse the tenant then told me that he was scared for his life because this man, my tenant, also broke into his unit, choked him and stole his house key.


This all has coincided with other damage issues on the property since this man got out of a mental health facility. So now I’m in charge of trying to figure out what kind of liability I have, who should I should make phone calls to and if there’s anything that I should do. The one thing I would say this is definitely doing is speeding up getting some security cameras up.